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Bontes Divines

I wish you as a concubine
Your sole role is to provide for my needs

I want you like a doll
That I can dress and animate according to my wishes

I'll use you like a willow branch
That I can fold as I please

I want you as a ship
In order to own your body

I'll take you like a pupil
Who will trust me and respect me without asking questions

From my youth era, I was fascinated by lingerie and other feminine garments. Let’s say I always have a suspender or a nylon stocking in my pocket. Femininity is for me object of unlimited admiration. I never get tired of watching a woman apply makeup, dress or just move.

I’m Born in Tunisia from French father and Canadian mother. This multiple origin is a wealth and a flaw at the same time, making me an alien everywhere I lived. I grew up in a Catholic sect, which influenced some ways I see life. For example, sin became forbidden and exciting at the same time. I had to fight against my inside monsters and got that my art can be an interesting way of expressing some parts of me. My pseudonym “Bontes Divines” (Divines Goodness) is an ironic way to exorcise my daemons and, fun fact, the name I used for my duck’s farm I had years ago.

On the other hand, my youthful readings (Delly, Pauline Réage) deeply marked my sexual imagination, turning my thoughts towards the world of domination and BDSM.

As a kid, my fascination about feminity pushed me to want to be a woman. I experienced great grief while learning to deal with what I am. To deal with that, I use the same lingerie catalogs I was watching kid to inspire my creativity.

These ingredients ended up being expressed through my drawings, using my creativity and graphic designer skills as a transmitter of these obsessions.

I’m following work of great illustrators such as Serpieri, Kim Jung Gi, Jack Vettriano such as fetish photographers like Elmer Batters, Weegee or Helmut Newton.

My Beaucoup de plaisir (a lot of pleasure) project is made of abstracts of inexistant comics, like a snapshot of an erotic story, keeping the spectator without all the clues and letting him to imagine before and after action. Not only representing sexual acts, I also tell a story that only me knows all.

Let’s tag my work: lingerie, nylon stockings, garter belt, submission, bdsm, lingerie, sissy, crossdressing, and, did I say lingerie?
Erotic Arts London 2019
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